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A short description of the route from David to the rental houses in Paso Ancho by car.

Where are these rentals located?

The houses for rent are located on te eastern slope of Volcán Baru in Paso Ancho at 7 km from the center of the City Volcán on the road to Cerro Punta.

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How to get to the houses.

Drive from David over Pan American Highway to Concepción (24 km). In Concepción you turn right towards Volcán. The road towards Volcán (34 km) is a constant assent, from sea level to 1.500 m height, through very green and beautiful mountains.

Once in the center of Volcán you turn right, in front of the police station, onto the road to Cerro Punta.

7 km from the police station, you see a white church at your left. This area is called Paso Ancho.

Just before the church you turn left and follow the road, about 500 m, till you have a school at your right hand side.

Turn right just passed the school. The road is a little bumpy. Just before the road turns right you will see Las Plumas (colleagues in the rental business), you go-on following the road till your only option is to turn left or right. You have arrived at the rentals. They are at you left hand side.

The houses have the following services (monthly cost paid by renter) available:

Electricity, cold & warm water, satellite TV (over 200 channels), internet with Wi-Fi (can be adapted as if you are in the US), weekly garbage collection and gas.

The owners pay the water and garden maintenance.

By car it will take about an hour.

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Address: Finca ''San Isidro'', Volcán, Chiriqui, Republic of Panamá.